Shelly Sullivan

Shelly Sullivan is a certified Yoga-Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Registered Nutritionist, Intuitive Healer, Manifestation Master. Over the past 10 years Shelly has cultivated how to become your best version through practices that support the mind, body and spirit. 

Passionate about assisting others with Optimal Wellness through Mind, Body and Spirit. Shelly works along with the Light to create change on our Planet. She has studied Natural Anti Aging in depth, “premature aging” in western society.

“I am a messenger, teacher and guide of the spiritual world. My life journey has led me to weave this path of creating “Heaven on Earth” through purification of Mind, Body & Spirit through love.”

Through nature, nutrition, yoga, meditation purification & self realization, I have merged with spirits higher intelligence, this has heightened my vibrational frequency of light. This integration has enabled me to remember the super natural powers that all humans posses and can utilize once these tools are awakened. 

A 10 year process whereby my energy centres through my brain and spine underwent a purification process, along with a   “powerful spiritual awakening” when my pineal gland was fully activated by the Sun. This along with other initiations my cosmic connection became clear.

While practicing my I AM affirmations  in nature, two laser beam rays of light from the Sun entered my third eye. Following this “etheric surgery,” my extra sensory abilities that once lay dormant, re awoke, my Kundalini Energy is fully activated for the past 7 years. This magnificent event opened up my remembrance of the light we truly are and my manifesting abilities. I now manifest “Heaven on Earth.”  I work with the direct guidance of Higher Self and Cosmic Energy as a Sovereign Being of Light.