Shelly’s Miracle Healing

Shelly’s unique gift of what was thought to be an “electro hyper-sensitive” person has guided her onto a path to “investigative” and research the pathological changes to the human’s immune system caused by severe challenges of wireless radiation toxicity. Put upon this path divinely in order to learn to thrive in a “world health organized crisis” – by design.

Shelly’s research mission began when the wireless first smart meter was installed in her home in 2010, following the first wireless wifi modem installed only months later causing slow but  catastrophic immune changes in her otherwise pristine temple.  Thereby the investigation to why her exceptionally healthy immune system and body had suddenly turned mysteriously into a to fight for her life. The investigation is a success. Turns out Shelly’s thought to be “ highly electricity sensitive” body was really a human body exposed to extremely high radiation poisoning for years that lead to her ability to heal herself over and over again.

This phenomenal process helped Shelly understand that she is a Light body equivalent to a Sun embodiment possessing ultra high amounts of Light similar to that of a Sun in a a physical capacity.  Shelly has out of this world access to super human etheric energy healing abilities as well as access and works in tandem with Beings of Light from other Realms aka Angels.

Shelly – a Holistic Practitioner – personal trainer, registered nutritionist, yoga teacher and meditation/life coach was thriving in her life and exceptionally healthy with comprehensive tests by Doctors to prove it. The better and brighter she became the heavier the challenges became. A public Spiritual Teacher on Youtube and new Author of a book designed to assist others to learn about who we truly are as a human race, Shelly realized she had been under sever targeting and attack.

Now Shelly an expert in the fields of the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricityground currents, bio-weaponry, mind control agenda, chemtrails – parasitic heavy metal/chemical toxic pollution dropped by military airplanes and much more. 

The sever effects Shelly has suffered over and over and still remains healthy in mind, body and spirit is a miracle and Shelly is what would be considered as a miracle healing over and over again. Majority of humans undergo this “subtle attack” and go through life enduring only a fraction of what Shelly has endured and may end up with some kind of dis-ease and or dying prematurely. 

Over several years Shelly has invested her life savings, close to 1 million dollars on staying healthy in a not so healthy world. Her research and studies includes taking years of study in anti-aging, holistic healing, nutrition, spirituality, yoga,  travelling to and attending endless hours with Doctors and Scientist at Alternative Medicine & Healing conferences, workshops and seminars across Canada, Europe and United States. Purchasing and utilizing leading edge healing technology as well as experimenting with many different  natural healing modalities.   Listening to many personal health tragedies turned to success stories of others who are aware and assisting in this world crisis path. After all this most importantly going with in herself for wise answers.

Along with Shelly’s super human healing powers kicking in, she utilize’s her extraordinary activated extra-sensory and angelic abilities to help uncover the root of this crisis we are in at this time. Like the caterpillar who consumes 300 times its body weight just before entering the cocoon to become a butterfly, Shelly had energetically against her will been forced to consume over a 1000 times more radiation and toxic virus causing poisons than humanly possible and did entered into the cocoon for 5 years. By alchemizing this tragedy into the golden butterfly. 

It is time in our human evolution where the dense survival obsessed caterpillar must finally stop  its mindless consumption of what it is being fed up, by a heartless controlling elite 1% and  instead go within to the cocoon and become the butterfly. This is where the magic happens and we become the empirically, light, free  sovereign – service to others pollinator ensuring that a new generation of butterflies can be grown.

Times of crisis bring a colossal open door of light of the fact that there is a well premeditated design to this interference we are experiencing now on our Planet Earth. The Planet Earth, which is a sentient being as are all us humans.  Our collective human family have been herded into 5G wireless caged community harmful electromagnetic fields, routine methods of working like slaves, tied down to unreasonable consumerism, interruption of the family union relationship by unusual long travel time on the road with bluetooth altering our organic homeostasis, so impractical it has gotten vicious to our mind, bodies and spirits. 

Part of Shelly’s mission is to be a environmentalist to help be the change we need in this world.

Sun Warrior