Twin Flame Teacher

Shelly is a Twin Flame expert. Author of Adventures of Saishorie~Grace, Sovereign Being, Book 1 published in 2017, begins to reveal some of the Twin Flame Union process, this book touches on the basics of this awakening. Now 2020 the year of Soul Group Unions Shelly has accomplished this process and is here to assist others.

As a Key Twin Flame, Star Parent to the Starseeds, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, Shelly is here to help enlighten, guide, support and assist these Star Children and Adult Beings of Light as to why they are here and to help them understand their part in creating and sustaining this New Earth. By an completing “initiation of fire” the process  of integration of all aspects of her Being part of her mission here is to assist others on this Twin path.

After 20 years of deep inner work the merge with God/Source is.

This merge connects us with the intelligence of divine guidance of Cosmic Creation. This Monad Over Soul intelligence comes through with dialogue through signs, symbols, numbers and ideas, dreams and visions via  Shelly Sullivan and her Beloved.

As The first Androgynous Beings of Source Light, split into Male and Female embodied upon Earth. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine God and Goddess. Fully connected with the intelligence of divine guidance of Cosmic Creation. “Cosmic Twins” = We are the embodiment of two humans in two separate bodies as ONE Sentient Sovereign Being. We are a Key Twin Pair, who are identical and so merged as ONE,  we are intertwined in each others lives whether physical living with each other or not we live with/in each other.

Twin Creator Ray of the Rainbow Frequencies, The Sirius White/Golden Double Diamond Sun Codes. We are the Seventh Ray here upon Earth ~  Saishorie~Grace.