Yoga & Meditation

Shellys unique Yoga Practice 

Shelly’s unique journey of Yoga began her union of the the human soul with divinity.  This personal experience of Yoga was the beginning toward the balance and harmony of the Divine Feminine and Masculine and ultimately aligned Shelly with the Cosmos and the Earth’s Kundalini.

Realizing by travelling further inward with Yoga practice it becomes a purification process for one’s own inner house cleaning to eventually integrate their own divinity and realize their divinity is within and everywhere. Yoga is a spiritual practice, although a physical action, the postures and movements allow the stretch and tone of the body to make room for the Spirit of Light to flow through the Matter of the body more clearly.

The nature of Yoga is connecting the individual self with the Cosmic Creator. By purifying the body and mind this allows for the Spirit to enter more deeply as One, thus losing ones identity  with the ego, even if just for moments this enhancement will start your journey to enlightenment and feel the glimpse of bliss until attaining Samattay – Samadhi is the Sanskrit word for a state of Oneness while the spelling version for Samadhi is unique, this is the way it was spelled out for Shelly once attaining this state while an ongoing initiation for 11 years. Samattay Yoga in my unique way.  By teaching my ways to Samattay I will assist others to help raise consciousness bringing forth a state of calm for the Earth.

Where this is Samattay Yoga  there is abundance, freedom and ecstasy. 

Samattay Yoga & Meditation is set up to reconnect yourself with the Divine source that you are. Yoga assists in remembering the true self as a Spirit, having a physical experience. Our bodies fields are electrical, Own Mind Body Spirit Yoga & Meditation recharges the electrical system by charging up the body with the life current of the cosmic creator. Directing this cosmic energy awakens the spiritual and physical cosmic flow of creation. 

Shelly will take you through breathing, alignment based postures and heart pumping vinyasa flow, followed by meditation. 

This practice will have you feeling recharged, rejuvenated, toned and lightened and lengthened. Yoga and Meditation increased productivity, clarity and reduces stress.  The classes are focused on the mind, body, spirit connection and are suitable for any Yogi level. 


Directing the energy of consciousness on our Planet at this time is crucial, this can be attained through yoga and meditation. The powerful electromagnetic field the body emits while in yoga/meditation practice is so powerful, The flow of energy charged up through the light body will assist to keep dis-ease from setting in the body. 

The importance of honouring your Spirit daily is a secret key to the magic of life created by synchronicity. When you establish this connection of mind body and spirit consistently, you will notice your desired manifestations coming about effortlessly. The awakening currently of our Planet is lead by our Spirit, many are being nudged by spirit simply with synchronistic events, sequence numbers and signs. Shelly will take your through a journey of meditation to connect your mind and body to your Higher Self, whom is nudging you to discover your highest good. 

Enlightened One